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HardliteI is a writer and media content creator. As founder and co-owner of Clatter&Din, Inc., I’ve enjoyed a front row seat to a head-spinning revolution in how media is created and consumed; from vinyl records all the way to… well… back to vinyl records. I also co-founded and/or sat on the boards of a couple start-ups like ScreenPlay, Inc. and (which became FastChannel, which was swallowed up by DGSystems…) These companies each leveraged new technology to accomplish old things.  (Later, we’d come to call this ‘disruption’. I’ve always liked the sound of that; it’s fun to disrupt things.)  As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in technology, and have enough of a sense of perspective to grok that the pace of technological change is accelerating exponentially. But then I actually looked up the word ‘exponentially’ and my mind was REALLY blown. I became aware that this smart-sounding little word holds some rather major ramifications for the culture, species and planet of which I’m a part.  I was hooked, and I became aware that the stuff most of us pay attention too isn’t really the stuff that we really need to be paying attention to right now.  So I thought that maybe I should try to make a little noise and see if I can get anyone else to pay a bit more attention too. Thus, this widely shared blog. (You ARE sharing it widely, no?)

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shit's 'bout to get REAL


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shit's 'bout to get REAL

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shit's 'bout to get REAL